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Navigating Insurance Audits: A Business Owner’s Survival Guide

Insurance audits can be scary for business owners. The idea of having your records scrutinized, dealing with possible premium changes, and not knowing what to expect can feel like a lot to handle. But don’t worry! With the right plan and readiness, dealing with insurance audits can be a breeze and might even help your […]

Apex Welcomes Andrew Marr – Chief Revenue Officer

Apex Risk & Insurance Services is thrilled to welcome Andrew Marr to our team as our new Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). With his impressive experience and proven leadership skills, Andrew’s arrival brings an exciting energy to our company as we continue on our path of growth and success. Hear from Peter Katkov, CEO and Founder, […]

Why Bondability Is Important for General Contractors

In the construction industry, general contractors play a pivotal role in overseeing projects from inception to completion. While technical know-how and project management skills are vital, there’s one key factor that often flies under the radar: bondability. Let’s dive into why being bondable is so important for general contractors and how it influences their ability […]

What’s the Difference Between a Surety Bond and a Contract Bond?

In insurance, complexity often intertwines with risk—especially for contractors who navigate hazardous work environments daily. As a contractor, understanding the insurance landscape becomes paramount for protecting yourself from potential problems. However, insurance can be tricky to understand. That’s why we’re here to make it simple. In this blog, we’ll explain the difference between surety bonds […]

Choosing the Right Insurance Coverage for Your Retail Store: A Step-by-Step Guide

Owning and operating a retail store is an exciting venture that comes with its share of risks. From potential property damage to liability claims, having the appropriate insurance coverage is essential to safeguard your business. Navigating the world of insurance can seem daunting, but with a step-by-step approach, you can ensure your retail store is […]

Will Commercial Insurance Rates Rise in 2024? State of the industry overview

In 2024, commercial insurance rates are expected to have a mixed outcome. Some sectors might see price hikes, especially in property and certain casualty areas, while others could remain steady or even decrease. The variations in rates are influenced by factors like catastrophic events, inflation, and specific regional issues. Overall, the year ahead presents a […]

Best Commercial Insurance Brokers in San Diego

Navigating California’s vibrant business landscape necessitates robust insurance coverage. In this realm, esteemed providers like Progressive, Allstate, Farmers Insurance, The Hartford, and Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company have long dominated. Yet, amid these industry giants, Apex emerges as a beacon for tailored, client-centric commercial insurance solutions. Progressive Celebrated for its adaptability, Progressive offers a versatile array […]