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Last Minute Renewals for your Insurance Coverage? We Can Help

The commercial property and liability insurance market is in distress. This environment has led to underwriters being overworked, resulting in delays in the insurance renewal process. These delays pose serious challenges for businesses, especially when they result in last-minute renewal quotes combined with unexpected rate increases.

Insurance Concerns for Nonprofits

By understanding and addressing the specific risks associated with various nonprofit activities, we at Apex Risk and Insurance Services can provide a safety net that allows these organizations to focus on their core objective: making a positive change in the world.

Why Every Nonprofit, Big or Small, Needs D&O Insurance

D&O coverage is important but often overlooked in the nonprofit world. You might think it’s just for the big players, but every nonprofit, no matter the size, needs Directors and Officers Insurance protection. Did you know that about 20% of all corporations in the U.S. are nonprofits? The risks for the people running these organizations are just as big as in the for-profit world.

Navigating Insurance for Diverse Construction Projects

The Need for Specialized Insurance in Construction In the construction industry, the diversity of projects and operational models requires a nuanced approach to insurance. Particularly for companies involved in various construction activities, understanding and implementing the right insurance strategies is key to success. Apex Risk specializes in guiding these companies through the complex landscape of […]

Commercial Real Estate Insurance Coverage: From Start to Finish

When it comes to managing insurance for construction projects, involvement typically begins at the earliest stages. Developers often have a pipeline of projects ranging from raw land acquisitions to completed structures intended for sale or long-term holding.