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Shielding Nonprofits: The Power of Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in our communities, working towards various social causes and missions. However, like any entity, they are not immune to legal challenges and disputes. What many nonprofits may not realize is that board members can be held personally liable for the organization’s actions. This is where Nonprofit Directors & Officers […]

What Happened with MGM’s Cybersecurity? Background, Updates, and How to Prevent it From Happening to You

Has MGM gambled with customer data security? MGM Resorts, a prominent casino chain with a global presence, recently grappled with a severe cybersecurity incident that raised concerns about the security of customer data. Reports suggest that the breach may have originated from a single phone call, underscoring the vulnerabilities faced by even the most established […]

Wave Pool Liability and Essential Insurance Considerations:

The consistency and perfection of a wave pool is alluring to any surfer. But for wave park owners, there are a lot of risks associated with running a successful business. That’s where insurance comes in – it can help protect your business from financial loss due to unforeseen events. 

Navigating Risk in the Life Sciences Industry: A Guide to Commercial Insurance

In the dynamic and ever-evolving life sciences industry, innovation and progress come hand in hand with inherent risks. Whether you’re a pharmaceutical company, a biotech startup, or a medical device manufacturer, safeguarding your business against potential threats is paramount. This guide aims to shed light on how commercial insurance can be your trusted ally in […]

EPLI for Nonprofits: What You Need to Know

With more workers returning to in-person work settings, nonprofits are witnessing a steady rise in employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) claims. According to data from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), EPLI claims have been on the uptick since 2003, with a staggering 37,632 workplace retaliation claims filed in 2020 alone—a number that continues to […]

Comprehensive Commercial Real Estate Transaction Checklist

Understanding Key Dates in Real Estate Transactions Effective Date of the Purchase and Sale Agreement Duration of the Escrow Period Predicted Date for Closing Escrow Buyer’s Investigation Period for Due Diligence Date When Earnest Money Deposit Becomes Non-Refundable Commercial Real Estate Purchase Essentials 1. Reviewing the Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) In commercial transactions, the […]

Errors and Omissions: Professional Services Claims that Trigger Lawsuits

Errors and omissions insurance is a form of professional liability insurance that protects businesses, their workers, and other professionals. E&O provides coverage for claims of inadequate work or negligent actions.  Watch the video below as Peter Katkov, the founder of Apex Risk and Insurance Services, explains E&O insurance. The Role of Errors and Omissions Insurance […]

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance: For-Profits

D&O offers liability coverage for company directors and officers to protect them if they are sued as a result of performing their duties at a business. This form of liability insurance serves as a standard indemnification provision, which protects officers in their role in a business. 

What is Cargo Insurance and Why is it Important?

In the world of business, uncertainties are as much a part of the journey as successes. This truth holds especially when it comes to transporting goods – a crucial aspect of many industries. As your meticulously crafted products set forth on their global voyage, there’s a sea of challenges they could encounter. Storms, mishaps, and unexpected obstacles await, posing a potential risk to your investment. 

Guest Safety First: The Importance of Liability Coverage in Hospitality

The safety and well-being of guests are a necessity in the hospitality industry. Whether it’s hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, or event spaces, guest safety stands as an unwavering priority. So, where do these vigilant hospitality leaders look to safeguard their guests? The answer lies in liability coverage.