Work with Apex (Because It’s Better Here)

At Apex, we were founded to fill a crucial service and consultative gap created by large agencies acquiring small, independent firms.

Hear directly from our CEO and Founder, Peter Katkov, in the video below as he explains how these acquisitions impact both clients and employees—and why life at Apex is so much better:

Read on to learn more about how Apex is redefining the insurance industry and why we’re the perfect fit for professionals seeking a fulfilling career in a dynamic environment.

The Impact of Large Agency Acquisitions

These acquisitions not only impact clients—who go from having a close, trusting relationship with a small team to dealing with the impersonal nature of a 1-800 number—but they also affect employees. Imagine being the third employee at a small, independent firm, enjoying a culture you’ve helped shape over 15 years, only to find yourself as one of 10,000 at a public company. This shift in environment can be jarring and, frankly, disappointing.

Creating a Culture of Community at Apex

Apex is committed to bringing back that intimate, culture-rich environment to the insurance marketplace in Southern California. Our team is rapidly growing, composed of talented individuals who once thrived in independent settings before being subsumed into the large agency machine. At Apex, we offer these professionals a chance to return to a workplace where their contributions are valued and the culture is familiar and supportive.

The Apex Difference: Small-Firm Feel with Big-Firm Capabilities

We are more than just a company; we are a community of like-minded professionals dedicated to maintaining a small-firm feel with big-firm capabilities. If you’re interested in exploring opportunities at Apex, we’d love to hear from you. Come join us and experience the difference of working in an environment where you matter.

Visit our career page to learn more about upcoming opportunities and meet our team.